1. For how many days it is necessary to pay a rent for CLOTHES?

The rent for CLOTHES is paid for 3 days - today take, tomorrow go and the day after tomorrow bring.
For example, you have rented clothes on Friday, have dressed on Saturday and return clothes on Monday since on Sunday we do not work.

2. Whether it is possible to reserve in advance?

Yes, you can reserve clothes in advance, and also conclude the contract of lease, for reliability. For reservation you pay 15 EUR which are included in a payment for rent which you will pay in day of reception of clothes.
For example, on June 1st you have reserved for yourselves clothes and have paid 15 EUR for reservation (the total sum of hire reservation is 45 EUR). On July 10th it will your ball and you receive clothes. Thus pay 30 EUR (the total cost of reservation is 15+30=45 EUR).

3. What terms of payment for rent of clothes?

Renting clothes, you pay to salon full cost of clothes 150 EUR, rent makes of them 45 EUR (15+30) and 105 EUR is the insurance sum (150-45=10 EUR) which you receive back when return clothes to the salon.

4. Whether clients should clean clothes?

No, the dry-cleaner of clothes is included in rent cost and it is performed by interior.

5. If the clothes are damaged?

In case that CLOTHES are damaged the CLIENT refunds the expenses of repair of CLOTHES which the SALON has the right to keep from the insurance sum of the client. Excepting cases when the clothes are irrevocably damaged.

6. If the clothes are necessary for more long time?

In addition it is necessary to pay 7 EUR for each calendar day, in advance having coordinated with the salon.

7. Whether come back money if the CLIENT withdraws use of in advance reserved CLOTHES if the client refuses rent?

In that case paid reservation sum remains to Open Company "7.AVĒNIJA" and to the CLIENT does not come back, since we have reserved these clothes and time of use to you. And you have an opportunity to get for this sum of any of the goods or service in our shop.

8. What is choice of clothes in salon?

"7.AVĒNIJA" salon offers about 500 evening dresses, 75 dinner-jackets, 300 complete sets of adornments, 60 wedding dresses, 150 evening handbags still more many other accessories - for addition of your clothes.


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