What to dress?

It is important to choose clothes according to a situation, therefore many useful advice will be useful in various vital situations.

  • Usually in the invitation already it is underlined, in what order you are invited on action.
  • For day time action the day time suit is pertinent, and for evening after 18.00 - the dark suit is usually stipulated for mans. Ladies can dress dresses and skirts of various length which are intended for more formal day time actions.
  • The dinner-jacket is dressed for official actions or solemn evenings, the tail-coat – for very formal actions or receptions.
  • For very official actions when mans are dressed in dinner-jackets or tail-coats, ladies should choose long evening dresses. It is necessary to consider, if clothes are without sleeves on hands it is necessary to dress long gloves.
  • The choice of clothes for informal actions can be more democratic.


The more neutrally your clothes, it is necessary the greater value to give to accessories: to scarves, shawls, bijouterie, hats, belts and gloves which excellently diversify your image. A varying rhythm of a fashion does not impose the certain requirements in a choice of accessories. You can choose the various form, a shade, style and a material of accessories - all depends on your desire to improvise and be allocated!

Wedding clothes

Everyone on the wedding wishes to feel especially, therefore so important correctly to choose the WEDDING CLOTHES. It is the uniform coordinated complete set for the finest moment of a life.

Tendencies in clothes of brides

  • Elegant simplicity is a silhouette of chaste clothes, with clearly expressed lines of clothes - an adjoining top part of clothes, magnificent or expanded to the bottom of skirt parts, without superfluous details and bijouterie.
    As accent the fabricē flowers regarding a dress from a back are used or also the loops are used which give to clothes majestic mood.
  • The skirt part has A-form basically, a silhouette of which with tulle underskirt and hoops can be made more magnificent, accenting by such contrast refinement and tenderness of the bride. The atlas, laces, tulle, shiffon are still actual today.
  • For us the modern line is still unusual to replace traditional veil on the diadems, wreaths or flowers, even real flowers which can be placed also on the veil. Very often head bijouterie is not used at all as the clothes are magnificent enough. And still, if the veil is chosen its length, luxury and form must be combined with clothes and its color necessarily. Today cream colors, ivory color, light gray clothes and even wedding clothes of black-and-white color are actual.
  • Other tendency in a fashion of wedding clothes are the rich decoration, embroidery, drapery, pearls, bands, fabrics of various texture and, certainly, magnificent train. The clothes look magnificent and ornate, especially from back.
  • Also the silhouette of clothes look like the clothes of baroque and rococo styles - the open shoulders, deep decollates, corsets, volumetric and magnificent skirts, draperies and ¾ sleeves with flounces that makes impression of "stratification". In creation of the bridge image the decoration is not primary. It is possible to choose pearls, stases - light, not striking and with the taste, stipulated for clothes.
  • In ancient beliefs it is considered, that the wedding clothes should have something new, something old, something twisted and something - dark blue.


To beautify itself it is pleasant to all of us. Each woman chooses different accessories, and it would be wrong to approve, that one kind of bijouterie is important and others - are not. As bijouterie, that and the high-ticket items are decorative today. Above all it would be right for you!

Only it is necessary for you to know, what and why it is necessary to carry, and why carry it, instead of other adornment. Look collections of the adornments of 7-th AVENUE!

* * *

The motto of French firm " ISABELLE DE MILLERY " - " Quality, Appeal, Attentiveness ". The collection of adornments consists the effective evening adornments in which unusual, greater crystals from Swarowsky (colorless or smoky) are used.

Stones of Swarowsky differ especial shine – its sides refracts the light, reflecting multi-color radial sparks. Application of crystals from Swarowsky in design testifies about belonging of firm to elite since they raise the cost of adornment.

French millennium collection of adornments " Liana" consist from the complete sets of bronze adornments with smoky quartz, cultured topaz, vinous and green moss colors crystals of Swarowsky. This bijouterie is effective and well approaches to evening and after-dinner clothes. It is necessary to remind, that in collection " ISABELLE DE MILLERY " as well young persons will find for themselves something suitable - playful and youthful.

The plated bijouterie is stipulated for serious ladies who know that want. The plated adornments are made of not precious metals, and become plated by a layer of precious metals -gold, silver, palladium, rhodium. Thickness of the covering should be not less than 0,5 micron, for many sold in Latvia it is more – about 5-10 micron. It not seasonal something's ephemeral, and buying such adornments, the woman knows, that buys a jewelry for all life. And what is more, even the expert with open years cannot distinguish which adornment is gold, and which - plated.

Also as in the jewelry in plated adornments the synthetic crystals are used: Majorca pearls, crystals of Swarowsky. Synthetic jewels are grown up in laboratories, but they chemical compound corresponds to the natural crystals and completely carry out the destination - to decorate the carrier of adornment!

Centuries, since Middle Ages, being triumph of feminity, in many variations appear pearls that better to emphasize the image of woman with matte shine.

What is Majorca cultures pearls?

The cultured pearls is an industrial product which visually reminds pearls. It is transparent, the colorless, hollow opal glass ball which is covered by nacreous glue and 16-18 times is shipped and sustained in the "pearl essence " which make of fish scales. Everyone developed bright layer is drayed at special vacuum mode before hardening. If it is necessary the cultured grown up pearls are polished and varnished. Than more such layers especially valuable and qualitative there is the cultured pearl.

To receive an cultured black pearl, in a liquid for cultivation the same natural products which give a grey shade to natural pearls are added. The cultured pearls during last seasons are actual in blue-grey color.


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